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Welcome to the website. Train Speed Test Pro Website is made for those who want to measure train speed tests or who want to use a speedometer online to judge or train speed. With our Fully functional and feature tool we are going to provide you with your desired need. In our tool, you can check the Train Speed test online. 

Have you ever wondered how much speed your train is running, if not, then you can find out the speed of your train through this website {Train Speed Test}, which is free to use. You only need your phone’s GPS to be turned on, the rest of the work will be done by this website itself.


  1. You need a device with GPS and internet access.
  2. You need to visit which offers a train speed test for free.
  3. You need to allow GPS to use the online speedometer tool.

What is Train Speed Test?

I would like to know what a train speed test is and how we can use it. If you travel by train in your daily life, then you must have thought at some point or the other at what speed the train is. and now you can check your train speed with the help of your mobile phone, to check this, it is necessary to have a GPS in your phone.

You can check the train’s speed by turning on your GPS first, then coming to this website where you see a speedometer to find out the train’s speed.

In terms of speed, you have a question as to how accurate it is. so, GPS speedometers are 100% accurate, but sometimes you get errors in it due to the device you are using. If you want to know the accurate speed, then the GPS on the device you are using should be very good.



This website has some unique features that you do not get to see on any other website, so this train speed test website becomes the best website in this category.

Real-time Speed Updates

It provides live updates on the train’s speed, allowing passengers to stay informed about the current velocity throughout their journey. User-friendly Interface: The speedometer incorporates a clear and intuitive interface with easy-to-read visuals, ensuring users can quickly and effortlessly understand the speed readings.

Basic Interface

The speedometer incorporates a clear and intuitive interface with easy-to-read visuals, ensuring users can quickly and effortlessly understand the speed readings.

Unique Design

As you can see on this website. You get here a real speedometer that works perfectly and you will not find this type of speedometer on any other website, it helps more people to check their speed.

100% Accuracy Speed

Our website provides 100% accuracy in terms of train speed because we use your phone’s GPS to give 100% accuracy in terms of average train speed. The better your GPS accuracy, the better we will be able to tell you your speed.

Maximum Speed

On the speedometer of our website, you get to see the speed of 220 kilometers per hour, if you are running at a speed of more than 220 kilometers per hour, then you will have to use our second tool, but if we talk about the train, must of the train run 110 to 150 km in Indian.

Free to Use

You can use the online speedometer absolutely free, you do not need to buy and subscription for this, you can use it absolutely free on any device.

How to Check Train Speed?

It is very easy to check the speed of the train, just you have to follow the instructions given below so that you can check our train speed properly.

  1. Visit the website of Train Speed Test.
  2. Turn on your GPS from settings.
  3. Once you open the website, you need to allow permission for GPS.
  4. After giving permission, wait for a few seconds.
  5. Within a few seconds, you see your train speed.

What is a GPS Speedometer?

GPS+ Speedometer is known as (Global Positioning System) An Other Side Speedometer. A device that operated on the governor principle and provide you a speed. GP Speedo meter is accurate. Revise to track your speed in any vehicle. Nowadays every vehicle on our planet has a speedometer to measure how fast and how slow they are going.

Online GPS Speedometer is now available online. With the help of your mobile device’s GPS, we can easily locate your phone while are you moving in a Vehicle. With the help of an online speedometer, we made our tool which can detect An Accurate speed of your train. With the help of a GPS speedometer, we can track your train and find the accurate speed of your train for you.

Now we are using online GPS tech for making this tool and its works on your device GPS through the Internet collects accurate information of your location and coordinates and after that, it’s converted into an online Speedo meter which detects the accurate train speed.



Train speed test is a tool that provides you with an accurate result After tracking GPS with your mobile phone. Speed test tool provides the speed of the train While it’s running on tracks. Speed Test Pro is a tool which easy to use and provides you with the best and most accurate result about the speed of a train.

After considering all the tool’s features and Accuracy. I highly recommend you use this tool for measuring online speed tests for trains. Train Speed Test flow is the best tool to measure your train speed on Your Android smartphone. You just need to turn your GPS while using this website and it automatically starts tracking your train and provides you accurate and exact speed of your train.

Make sure you enable your GPS before using the app and allow GPS Permission. For better results Make sure your GPS is highly accurate as possible. After Trying this website many times, it shows always accurate and precise results for me, and it always works amazingly.